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Doctor Serves Needs of OthersDr. Vanessa Crothers Stallkamp '89

Every Roberts graduate has a story to tell, but probably few as unique as Dr. Vanessa Stallkamp’s.

With both parents working as resident directors for Roberts, and her father eventually becoming the College’s president, Vanessa grew up on the campus. She knew Roberts was “an amazing Christian college” long before she decided to attend, and as she puts it, she gives back “to enable more graduates to pursue medical professions, just as I did, so that they can make positive changes in the world through serving the needs of others every day.”

After graduating, Vanessa went on to serve others as a prominent obstetrician and gynecologist. From Roberts, she took with her a love of science, the knowledge to succeed in her field and, most important, the compassionate care for others she learned through her time here.

Vanessa Crothers

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Committed to Global Change | Dr. Russell Toth

Dr Russell TothRussell Toth ‘03 could be described as a “citizen of the world”. He was “called” to Roberts for his undergraduate education after assisting Professor Barbara Rose (now retired) while on a mission trip to Hungary and Romania. Currently, he is teaching at the University of Sydney; working on economic development with research scholars from major universities; and presenting papers around the world. He is currently working on research in Kenya, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Myanmar. In recognition of his accomplishments, he was named the Graduate of the Last Decade in 2013.

After graduating, Russell received a M.A. in Mathematical Economics, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (2005), M.A. in Economics, Cornell University (2009), and a Ph.D. in Economics, Cornell University (2012). Russell has taken ideas by storm and turned them into reality wherever he has encountered them!

Why he gives back?

Because others who faithfully gave to the College made it possible for me to attend and benefit from the Roberts experience and I want to contribute to making that possible for future students.

Russell Toth

Invested in Students' Success | Dr. Robert Willhoft

Legacy150_RobWillhoft.jpgWith almost twenty-five years of experience as an engineer and programmer with IBM, Robert Willhoft appreciates the practical nature of a Roberts Wesleyan College education in science and nursing. Since joining the faculty of Roberts in 2003, he has ensured that his Computer Science students received the opportunity to become experts in diverse areas, including programming, networking, and more. He appreciates that Roberts is preparing students with in-demand skills from their first freshmen classes through senior research and internship experiences. Students from a variety of majors enrolled in the introductory Computer Science class this semester will develop apps for Android phones, disassemble and reassemble desktop computers, and learn basic photo and sound editing, along with more traditional computer skills.

Building on this solid foundation, Rob predicts a fabulous future for students at Roberts. He looks forward to students being able to fully utilize state of the art equipment that currently is located in labs that are much too small; and the students, he notes, are already excited for what’s to come. 

Why he gives back?

It was this shared enthusiasm for the future, along with Rob’s commitment to the mission of the College, that led him to give to the Legacy 150 Campaign. He looks forward to seeing faculty at Roberts in a facility worthy of their expertise, and to witness students achieving excellence through a Christian education in the fields of science and health care.

“My hope is that every student graduating will have the skills to get and excel at a job in their selected profession.”