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A Campaign for Roberts Wesleyan College and Northeastern Seminary

Building the future of Roberts.

Our new Crothers Science & Nursing Center will help us attract the best and brightest students—future doctors, nurses and scientists—who will benefit from our new and innovative programs.

New science spaces

Discovering a world of potential.

In labs and classrooms all across the Roberts campus, students and professors are changing the world.

  • A passion for discovery
  • A mission to serve their communities
  • A calling to further advance science and healthcare

Each student has a unique and valuable contribution to make toward the advancement of science. It is our hope that the fundamentals we teach, combined with the advanced technologies, will allow our graduates to go into the world to solve critical research problems and make significant contributions to the science and healthcare fields.

If you are interested in naming opportunities for the building, please contact Max McGinnis 585.594.6409

Support the Roberts Fund

Increasing student scholarships.

Students are at the heart of our mission, yet increasing numbers of them face the challenges of rising tuition costs as their families struggle to keep pace financially.

  • 98% of our College and Seminary students receive scholarships or financial aid.
  • Providing opportunities for deserving students, regardless of their financial means.

The Roberts Circle

The Roberts Circle is the heart of scholarship funding. It’s made up of 300 men and women who give $1,000 or more each year to the Roberts Fund. But we need more alumni and friends of the College to participate.

The Northeastern Society

They give of themselves to help better our world—bringing compassion, strength and guidance to those who need it most—and it is our hope that, together, we can support their selfless journeys. Join the Northeastern Society to provide scholarships to benefit Seminary students