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No. 1

Mavis Fancher Ide '53

My hope is that many graduates will continue to impact the world for Christ.

No. 2

Kaitlyn Brown '15 and David Morreale '14

Our hope is for students to contribute to society!

No. 3

Troy and Diane Bassett '92

Our hope is for a new program focused on writing and performing popular forms of music.

No. 4

Lisa Martinez DeVinney '14

My hope is for the College to be the hands and feet of Christ in our community and beyond.

No. 5

Dr. Robert Willhoft (Faculty)

My hope is that every student graduating will have the skills to get and excel at a job in their selected profession.

No. 6

Yvonne Strong '91

My hope is for students to desire to change the world in ways that are pleasing to the Lord.

No. 7

Justin J. Niebel '06

My hope is for innovative technology to align with academic programs. For financial success and more programs with the new buildings.

No. 8

Marianne Aarons '63

My hope is for students to have an exhilarating educational journey.

No. 9

Adele Brovard '80

My hope is for students to find a clear path to life's purpose supported by deep faith.

No. 10

Eric Read '13

My hope is that students will be the change the world needs.

No. 11

Major Dan Fletcher, Army ROTC at Roberts

My hope is for a well-established Army ROTC program at Roberts.

No. 12

Albert P. Reinining Jr. '61

My hope is that faculty and staff will always have a one on one relationship with each of the students and that they will always be ready to pray for them.

No. 13

Alana Matteson '13

My hope is that Roberts' students never stop hoping. You can do anything!

No. 14

Nicholas Benson '12

My hope is for expansion for Roberts and NES education (satellite sites) and for continual community contribution, including educating the community.

No. 15

Ariann Kazmierczak '17, Becca Maher, Judy Schultz, Kendall Havener '15

Our hope is for a men's volleyball team! (And world peace)

No. 16

Missy Wilson (Wynkoop) '03

My hope is for a place of community and relationships.

No. 17

Sharon Rogers Palmiere '59

My hope is that future generations appreciate the quality of faculty and education they will receive at Roberts.

No. 18

Rebecca Snyder '14

My hope is for happiness through a new student union.

No. 19

Melanie and James Hitchcock '90

Our hope is that Roberts stays current with societal needs and careers.

No. 20

Jason Scott '95

My hope is for another century of education for character.

No. 21

Lindsey Groves '11

My hope is for students to aspire to be God's light, bringing a positive change to the community.

No. 22

Yulanda McKinney '04

My hope is that we might have Ph.D. program offerings at Northeastern Seminary! :)

No. 23

Josh and Laurie Misla '08 

Our hope is for a bigger footprint in NY: That Roberts will be well known, admired, and have a positive impact in the Rochester community.

No. 24

Lucas Smith '16 

My hope is for students to share the passion of Christ by showing compassion to others.

No. 25

Jesse Wenger '03 and family

Our hope is for continued learning in the integration of faith and science.

No. 26

Dr. Vanessa Crothers Stallkamp '89

My hope is that Roberts will continue to provide an education that will mean more than just the content of the degree. That these students, by their experience at Roberts, will go into the marketplace with a world view that shows the care and concern of Jesus.

No. 27

Dr. Russell Toth '03

My hope is that students would continue to benefit from a personalized and inspiring education in a community that challenges them to grow in their faith vocation.

No. 28

Hank '59 and Louella '56 Storm

Our hope is for lasting friendships.

No. 29

Gloria Lawton '16

My hope is that students would be good stewards of the future and their education reflecting the Imago DEI.

No. 30

Jackie Clement '44

My hope is that students in the future will have inspiration, courage and dedication to serve the Lord with all their hearts.

No. 31

Barb and Melvin '56 Reber

Our hope is for Christ-centered education.

No. 32

Sumita Leonard '15

My hope is that we strive to BE ONE in Christ as a community and grow together to impact the world.

No. 33

Dan '98 and Mendy Smith

Our hope is for the development of leaders who can show the love of Christ to a world that desperately needs it.

No. 34

Alumni Council

Our hope is for a Christian education, that stimulates the heart and mind, forming alumni who change the world.

No. 35

Rodney Johnson '99

My hope is that students continue to be principled leaders who make a difference.

No. 36

Ray and Charlene '78, Kendra '12 and Kaitlynn '14 Zaffuto

Our hope is for Roberts to continue to grow the masters degree programs!

No. 37

Hannah Wentz '13

My hope is for nurses who will impact their patients with Christ's love.

No. 38

Adam Stein '02

My hope is for a continued commitment to raise up leaders for Christ.

No. 39

Beverly Brewer '94

My hope is for faculty and students working on the leading edge of science and nursing while giving glory to God and serving Him.

No. 40

Donna Savine '89

My hope is that students will continue to receive personalized attention from faculty.

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